The KiwiPop Studio was started in 2010 and I started selling to the public in 2012. Located in the woods of Maine, it's where fiber and color collide. Solely focusing on hand painting yarn one hank at a time for so many years, I'm so excited to start discovering new processes that are allowing me to grow and create in amazing new ways. My studio is located here in our home so that I can be home with my kiddos. The yarn I dye is usually dried next to our woodstove, or out in the Maine summer sun. It's a treat to live in a location that provides so much inspiration derived from nature. Some of my brightest and boldest color combos come from the middle of winter when everything is gray and I need to bring color into my daily life. The name KiwiPop comes from combining my grandparents nicknames, Kiwi and Kipop. One of the best gifts I get from my work is seeing what my yarn grows up to be. It brings me so much joy to see what people have created with my yarn.