I started Spirit Trail Fiberworks in January, 2003 after taking a dye workshop at a local studio. I had retired from my commercial real estate career in my beloved hometown of Washington, DC in 1997 after our son was born. Our daughter followed in 2000 and, with two small children at home, I began been searching for a new line of work which would provide more flexibility and also allow my creative side to, finally, come out and play.

I have a degree in English Literature with concentrations in Fine Art and Philosophy from the Catholic University of America, and had always dreamed of working in a creative field (the 15 year sidetrack in commercial real estate notwithstanding ;-) ). I had no idea how that short workshop in dyeing (which I took with a friend "just for fun") would change my life, opening the door to a whole new profession which has been not only my job but my passion for nearly 15 years.

My Mother taught me to knit when I was in my early teens, and I've always loved the tactile process of creating something functional and wearable. I've also always been very attuned to the power of color, not only in its ability to affect and change one's mood and outlook, but also in how differently and individually people experience color and are drawn to some colors more than others. Creating beautiful materials for others to use in their own creative pursuits makes me so happy, because I feel like I am not only feeding my own soul, but hopefully feeding other souls, too, in providing inspiring materials for their own creative pursuits.

I'm a native of Washington, DC, and a city girl at heart. But living in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, ten minutes from the entrance to the Shenandoah National Park, provides me with so much inspiration. Rappahannock County, Virginia is so incredibly beautiful, and I am constantly delighted by the ever-changing hues of the natural world.In addition to dyeing yarn, I love abstract acrylic painting, which allows me to explore the world of color in a vastly different medium. My yarns and paintings are both available for purchase on line, as well as in the gallery and shop at my lovely little studio.