When my oldest son was just wee baby I decided to cloth diaper him. As most of you know, the world of cloth diapers is like no other. Along with cloth diapers came wool interlock shorts, knitted shorties and incredibly cute custom hand made knitted items! That's all it took for me to get the urge to learn how to knit. A few trips to the local craft stores left me wanting MORE. I have always been attracted to vibrant, deep saturated yarns, which the craft stores here seemed to be lacking. On a whim I ordered some bare yarn and acid dyes. I was immediately hooked! I will admit that the first few tries gave me some"interesting" results. I couldn't give up! I was determined to get this right. My very first successful skein of yarn was an absolute thrill! I knew from that moment I would be dyeing yarn, and lots of it. I have shared my passion with anyone who will listen to me. Teaching my friends and family to knit and how to dye yarn and fiber of their own. I have even taught some sessions at the local community center just to spread the yarn dyeing love. I really hope that my passion and love for this art shows in my work and that our customers enjoy knitting and crocheting with it as much as I love dyeing it.